Veterans Info


We are now accepting applications for Regular, Life,  Auxiliary as well as Military Socials.

Applicants must show a DD-214 form for Regular, Life, and Auxiliary, and an Honorary Discharge for Military Socials.

Cost of dues for 2021 is $32.


Commander Lee Johnson
Sr. Vice Commander TJ Sproull
Jr. Vice Commander Robert Smith
Quartermaster Rich Ratajczak
ChaplainJohn Grillo
Advocate Jim Zanotti
Surgeon Bruce Drummond
Trustee (3 Yr.) Tom Rushnock
Trustee (2 Yr.) Rege Veltri
Trustee (1 Yr.) Frank Lopes

House Committee

Chairman Tom Bridgen
Secretary Fred Grau
Finance Tom Jacobs

Elected House Committee

Vice Chairman Lee Johnson
Kitchen Randy Hessom
Grounds Jay Price
Bingo/Drawing Lee Johnson
Building Maintenance Bob Smith
Pavillion TJ Sproull
SecurityJim Zinotti

Appointed Officers

Adjutant Rich
Service Officer John Grose - (724) 335-1877
Guard Robert Domain
Officer of the DayAndrew Bosman
Drill Team Captain
POW/MIA Chairman Dick Butler
Post Historian Open

Public Relations --
Helicopter Crew Chief Rich Ratajczak


  1. change of address: 1508 Bakerstown Rd Tarentum, Pa 15084

  2. Edward F paul
    1508 Bakerstown Rd
    Tarentum, Pa. 15084